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The medical spa at Southern Vein & Laser Center offers several anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments that help you look your absolute best without surgery. MedSpa treatments are recommended for:

Fine Lines Wrinkles
Acne Dry Skin
Sun Damage Dark Spots
Loose skin Hyperpigmentation
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Laser tattoo removal effectively removes every color of pigment in the fewest number of treatments. Treatment of averagely sized tattoos takes less than 15 minutes. Depending on the nature of the tattoo, you may need repeat treatments every six to eight weeks until the tattoo pigments are completely eliminated. PiQo4™ by Cartessa™ features four separate emission modes and three true laser wavelengths, making it a pleasant experience for the patient and a breakthrough laser treatment. Laser tattoo removal works by directing a powerful laser light into the tattoo, allowing the laser to shatter the tattoo ink into microscopic pieces that are then safely eliminated from your body. All tattoo ink colors can be effectively dissolved, however, because many complex tattoos are comprised of multiple layers of ink, the average tattoo requires four to six treatments for full removal.
Dr. Ambrozic has worked with our aestheticians to choose facial products that meet the unique needs and discerning tastes of men and women in the Valdosta area. The products use only natural ingredients and can be used on the most sensitive skin. Each facial is designed to work with the patient’s skin, so the specific process varies. Most facials begin with a gentle cleanser to remove surface dirt and impurities. Using steam on the face opens pores so that blemishes clear more easily. We will apply one or more products during the treatment, and some products remain on the skin for a period of time while others are applied and removed immediately. Your aesthetician will explain your personalized facial at the beginning of the appointment.
Also known as collagen induction therapy, microneedling is an advanced cosmetic treatment that uses your body’s natural healing response to improve skin tone and texture. The treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two substances that are important for healthy, young skin. Collagen is your skin’s support structure, and elastin is responsible for the skin’s ability to hold shape. A microneedling treatment at Southern Vein & Laser Center is a safe and effective way to soften lines and wrinkles. The treatment requires no downtime, and you see a gradual improvement as the collagen and elastin levels increase. We recommend microneedling to help with: Crow’s feet Deep wrinkles Fine lines The treatment can benefit even the most delicate skin, such as the skin around your eyes.
Lip enhancement can be achieved one of two ways — with silicone implants or dermal fillers/fat injections. Silicone implants were the first technique that was introduced. The procedure involves making a small incision inside the lip or on the outside. The implant is inserted and positioned. Dermal fillers and fat injections were introduced as an option for lip enhancement when patients began to look for more natural and subtle improvements. Southern Vein & Laser Center specializes in lip injections, and we use today’s top FDA-approved dermal fillers and fat transfer techniques for each treatment. Lip injections combine the benefits of dermal fillers/fat injections and lip implants. With lip injections: You have no downtime. Recovery is minimal compared to surgery. The procedure requires no incisions, so you do not have scars. Dermal fillers and fat injections allow for more precision and sculpting of the lips. The results are not permanent. If you change your mind, you simply wait until the dermal filler is naturally absorbed by your body. If you are considering lip implants, lip injections will help you see how implants will change lip shape and size. How Lip Injection Treatments Work Southern Vein & Laser Center offers lip injections with: Juvéderm® Volbella®, a hyaluronic acid dermal filler Fat transfer and injections using fat extracted from your body