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Treat yourself to relaxing and rejuvenating treatments at our medical spa. Southern Vein & Laser Center offers anti-aging and skin rejuvenation MedSpa treatments for men and women in Valdosta and Alpharetta, as well as surrounding areas in Georgia.

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Chemical peels use a combination of chemicals that are found in consumer-level products, but at higher concentrations. The most common chemicals that are used include trichloroacetic acid, hydroxy acid and phenol. Chemical peels are categorized as light, medium and deep based upon how far the chemicals penetrate the skin as well as how many layers of damaged skin are removed during the procedure. Recovery does vary based on the level of chemical peel that is administered. No recovery or downtime is required for light chemical peels. For medium peels, you see a new layer of skin after three to seven days, and full healing can take up to two weeks. Deep chemical peels represent the most advanced type of peel. Local anesthesia may be used to keep you comfortable during the treatment. You will need to rest at home for at least one week, and full healing can take several months.
With Latisse®, you grow your natural eyelashes to be longer and fuller. Benefits include: Reducing or eliminating the need for mascara, false eyelashes and eyelash extensions Simple at-home treatment that you perform before bedtime Improvements in approximately 16 weeks Continued use of Latisse® maintains the improvement in eyelash length and volume Latisse® is a topical medication that is available only by prescription from a licensed medical doctor. Patients apply one drop of Latisse® solution to the upper eyelid margin nightly using a sterile applicator, taking care to avoid any contact with the eye or surrounding area. You will need to continue using Latisse® to maintain the improvements to your eyelashes. If you stop using Latisse®, your natural eyelashes will return to the same length and thickness as before you started using the product.
Acne treatments need to be customized to each patient, and we consider skin type as well as the specific type of acne. Our treatments help with:Blackheads and whiteheads, Papules, Pustules, Nodules, Cysts. Each of these types of acne are rooted in the same problem, but vary in the depth in the skin as well as severity of inflammation and infection.
Intradermal pigmentation is used in many permanent cosmetic procedures, including eyeliner, eyebrow color, lip liner, and lip color, in addition to camouflaging vitiligo, stretch marks and scars, areola restoration, and hairline enhancement. Fast and long-lasting, this procedure can change the look and feel of your skin. Lip Liner and Color - Using intradermal pigmentation, you can enhance the look of your natural lips with permanent pigmented lip color. Available in shades that complement your skin tone, this process can be used to reduce the need for lipstick as well as to change the size and shape of the lips. Colors range from soft pinks similar to the lip color of a newborn baby to bolder, more dramatic tones, offering the perfect shade for your makeup preferences and fashion sense. Permanent Eyebrows - For those with patchy, misshapen, or light eyebrows, or for those suffering from alopecia, intradermal pigmentation can be used to adjust the size, shape, and appearance of the brows. Performed in a way that can mimic the look and feel of hair along the brow line, our professionals can add a natural-looking fullness that won’t wash away or fade. With this medical procedure, patients can go swimming, play sports, or shower with the little risk of losing the color or shape of their brows. Permanent Eyeliner - To enrich shape and depth of the eyes, intradermal pigmentation can be used to mimic the look of thousands of tiny eyelashes along the lash line. Popular with both male and female clients, this procedure can darken the look of the lash bed and enhance overall appearance. Additional shadowing can be performed for those interested in a soft, natural look or a bold, defined line. This procedure is ophthalmologist-approved for contact lens wearers and those who are allergic to traditional makeup.
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Anti-aging medicine is a specialized field of scientific study dedicated to minimizing the negative effects of aging on the health and wellness of patients. Here at Southern Vein & Laser Center, we are committed to bringing you the latest, most effective anti-aging medicine, treatments, and cosmetic services. We strive to help you look and feel your best at any age. Anti-Aging Professional - Dr. Ambrozic has been a respected member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine since 2003. He has pursued extensive training in world-renowned facilities across North America, including the University of British Columbia, University of South Florida, and the Harvard Medical School. Anti-Aging Treatments and Counseling - Dr. Ambrozic and the team at Southern Vein & Laser work with patients to provide medically-guided anti-aging services, including counseling in the prevention and treatment of age-related conditions such as hypertension, Type-2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia, cardiac disease, and some forms of cancer. Our anti-aging medicine services are designed to go beyond simply treating symptoms of age related conditions. Our goal is to enhance the overall health and well-being of our patients. We take the time to carefully assess each patient and develop a personalized longevity plan that can help delay the onset of, and even prevent, many issues commonly experienced as part of the aging process.
Laser skin resurfacing delivers a safe, powerful dual-frequency light laser beam deep below the surface of your skin to both trigger your body’s natural healing response and lighten unwanted dark pigmentation, such as sunspots, acne scars, and freckles. The skin cell activation stimulates the growth of new, blemish-free skin cells that can fill in wrinkles, conceal dark spots, and cover over acne scars, leaving you with glowing, radiant skin. As with all laser treatments here at Southern Vein & Laser Center, patients generally find laser skin resurfacing to be comfortable and pain-free. Those who do experience minor side effects report slight swelling and redness at the treatment site which usually disappears quickly, and can be treated with a cooling cream. Depending on your personal skin type and the results you’d like to achieve, multiple short appointments lasting 30 minutes or less may be required.
Wrinkles form for a variety of reasons. A reduction in or redistribution of facial fat causes the skin to hang or sag Lower levels of collagen diminish the skin’s natural support structure Decreased amounts of hyaluronic acid leave the skin dry and reduce volume The skin has less elastin and does not form to the contours as well Dynamic wrinkles develop due to muscle contractions Southern Vein & Laser Center offers several advanced wrinkle treatment options for our patients. The treatments take less than one hour and require little to no downtime. Dermal fillers and injectables relax facial muscles and replenish hyaluronic acid levels, Chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing and IPL™ photofacials remove damaged layers of skin, Skin tightening stimulates collagen production, PRP therapy and microneedling work in combination to stimulate collagen production. The mechanisms behind our wrinkle treatments vary. Some treatments restore critical substances that keep the skin smooth and youthful. We also offer treatments that enhance collagen levels to “lift” the skin. Advanced technologies are also available to remove layers of damaged skin to reveal healthier, flawless skin. During your consultation, we will describe the recommended treatments and how they work to reduce signs of aging.
The damaging effects of sun exposure and tanning beds made spray tans a popular option for men and women. But spray tans have many limitations and often look unnatural. Southern Vein & Laser Center is proud to offer organic spray tans for men and women. Southern Vein & Laser Center offers organic spray tan treatments that can be customized to your skin and tanning desires. The consistency of the product and color is maintained from one treatment to the next, so you always have the same tan color until you decide it’s time for a change. Our organic spray tan is perfect for men and women who: Want a healthy, tanned glow year-round, Avoid sunlight and tanning beds to protect their skin, Have tried other spray tans and been disappointed with the results. During your consultation, you will meet with a member of our staff who specializes in our organic spray tan. The appointment is a perfect opportunity to describe your experiences with tanning, whether it be in sunlight, tanning beds or using spray tan products. We encourage you to share how you want your skin to look year-round, as this helps us blend the organic spray tan product to the perfect shade.