*The results below may not be typical and will vary patient to patient.

Southern Vein and Laser Center – Laser Liposuction Patient Testimonial

“Dr. Ambrozic has a wonderful personality and is one of the best physicians I have ever met.” ~Trae K*

“Great things happening at Southern Vein & Laser Center. This is the place to make you feel great about yourself! Keep up the good work!” ~Andria T*

“Making the decision to undergo Laser Liposuction with Dr. Ambrozic not only transformed my body, but changed my outlook on life. I went from a size 9 to a size 2, gained confidence in myself and have a newfound self-esteem.” ~Holly B*

“Having Laser Liposuction done with Dr. Ambrozic to help contour my body was the best decision I have ever made.” ~Kerry G*

“Having my Varicose Veins treated with Dr. Ambrozic was the best thing I have ever done. My legs feel great.” ~Kerry G*

“I used to joke about my turkey legs. After having Laser Liposuction with Dr. Ambrozic, I love my legs!” ~L.T.*

“Love the Botox treatments. Dr. Ambrozic has made me look and feel 20 years younger!” ~A.T.*

“I am very interested in Dermatology as a profession! I think your website is fantastic and what you are doing in the anti-aging process is amazing! Keep up the great work!!” ~Jamie K*

“You guys do a great job. Thanks for taking care of me. I so appreciate it.” ~CR*

“Southern Vein Laser is the place to go for ANY skin conditions or problems…They have a very friendly staff and a very very good Doctor…very caring, great bed-side manner and really listens to you. I went to him the first time and he did a biopsy on a sore on my leg that would not heal. He didn’t put it off. I had seen my regular doctor for awhile and he kept playing me off…never even looked at me when I tried to tell him how concerned I was about it. I went to Southern Vein and Laser and he took the biopsy. I had skin cancer. He also does family practice. I plan to switch to him….trust me….he is a GREAT DOCTOR!” ~BT*

“I love the staff at Southern Vein and Laser Center, they all are so wonderful!” ~AW*

“I was referred to SVLC from a friend who is also a client. I have to admit I was nervous at first, but after meeting Dr. Ambrozic, and his very friendly office staff, I felt very comfortable. I am extremely pleased with the procedure and would recommend SVLC to anyone.” ~R*

“Dr. Ambrozic and his staff are second to none! They are knowledgeable, professional, talented and compassionate. I have been going to Southern Skin and Wellness for over a year and would recommend this clinic hands down. I believe with any elective procedure you choose to embark on that you must make sure all of your questions and concerns are answered and addressed. This was first and foremost at this clinic. They take great care and time with their patients and expect excellent results. I was most impressed with their outstanding facility and talented personnel. They were always there for me and supported me from the moment that I walked through the door. Anything I needed they made sure I received it. I would strongly recommend Dr. Ambrozic and his staff to anyone.” ~PR*

“I had a couple of “problem areas” that just would not go away despite numerous abdominal workouts. I have always wanted a flat tummy that looked defined and finally made up my mind to talk to Dr. Ambrozic about Laser Lipo. I had many friends that had the procedure done and were very pleased with the results. I had laser lipo performed on my abdomen and sides. Let me tell you it was the best money I ever spent and would have it done again for any other problem areas. I would have even spent more money to get the results I received. The actual procedure was painless and the recovery was minimal. The hardest part was getting someone to help with fastening my compression device. I was able to go back to work immediately. The end result is absolutely amazing. There are no scars and no one would ever know I had the procedure done unless I told them. Following the procedure I have followed up routinely with Dr. Ambrozic and his staff for smooth shape and skin tight treatments that have only improved my end result. The entire staff has always been courteous, professional, and very pleasant. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has an annoying problem area that they just can’t get rid of. For me I now have a boost in self confidence, my clothes fit better, and I look forward to bathing suit season. Definitely well worth the money.” ~CT*

“Dr. Ambrozic has performed two laser liposuction procedures for me, one of my abdomen and one of my flank regions. The results have been dramatic and lasting! Laser lipo has flattened areas that years of different diets and different exercise routines could not, and with minimal discomfort and little down time! I went through each procedure fully conscious, talked with Dr. A and his staff throughout each procedure, and walked out of the office after each procedure – I was even able to drive myself home! I would highly recommend Dr. Ambrozic’s laser liposuction to anyone interested in body contouring! Dr. Ambrozic is very conscientious and particular in his work – he will do everything in his power to ensure that you are happy with your results!” ~GD*

“Dr. Ambrozic and his staff are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, caring and flexable with appointments – like weekends, and I could not be happier with the treatment I have received through the years from Dr. Ambrozic.” ~MP*

“I would like to start off by first saying that I have enjoyed my experience! You might be asking yourself; how could someone enjoy having surgery? Well Dr. Ambrozic and his staff made me feel at home and have been some of the kindest and most understanding people I have ever met. Dr. Ambrozic truly cared about every concern that I had from start to finish and I must say that he is a perfectionist which is so important with these procedures. I love recommending him because I know they will be as pleased as I am.” ~NM*