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Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Robert Ambrozic MD
Our body contouring treatments incorporate the latest medical technologies to help you achieve your goals.
Medical Weight Loss

Whether you choose our medical weight loss program or one of our non-surgical body sculpting treatments, you still need to maintain your weight. As part of our medical weight loss program, you learn healthy diet and exercise habits that play a critical role in the longevity of your results, whether from losing weight or contouring your body with our non-surgical treatments.

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Dr. Ambrozic has been treating obesity and aiding in weight management for over 10 years.

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If you live with excess weight and struggle to lose the pounds on your own, our medical weight loss program may be recommended. The program combines medical oversight, nutrition and guidance on increasing your caloric burn. Our non-surgical body contouring treatments target and destroy fat and cellulite using innovative FDA-approved technologies. Medical Weight Loss Vaginal Rejuvenation SculpSure® Cellulite Treatment Liposuction

FDA-approved weight loss technologies
All weight loss plans are fully customized based on factors, including body shape, history of weight loss, exercise habits, and genetics. Dr. Ambrozic also takes into consideration special conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and hyperlipidemia, ensuring a fully customized approach for every patient. Fad diets exist in hundreds of variations, from low calorie to low carb. However, not all diets will work for everyone and some are better than others. If you have tried weight loss plans and programs without success, Southern Vein & Laser Center can offer the guidance you deserve.
Women may consider vaginal rejuvenation for several reasons, such as improving sexual satisfaction and reducing the effects of urinary incontinence. Laser vaginal rejuvenation with the Juliet® system offers a non-surgical solution for these women. This type of vaginal rejuvenation does not change the anatomical structure of the genitalia, but only affects the tissues inside the vagina.Juliet® vaginal rejuvenation treatments take 30 minutes. The device is inserted into the vagina and used to deliver radio frequency energy to the tissues. The energy: Stimulates the production of elastin and collagen Enhances nerve development Improves blood flow
The SculpSure® system is the world’s first FDA-approved laser treatment for fat cell elimination throughout the belly and hips. It uses a safe, painless laser that emits a low-level light wave that heats up the subcutaneous fat to between 45 to 47 degrees. This results in the natural death of the fat cells in the treatment areas. During the days and weeks following each non-invasive fat reduction treatment, the dead fat cells will be naturally eliminated from the body. This leads to a gradual reduction in the volume and density of fat in the treatment areas, with results visible approximately six weeks after treatment, and optimal results visible within about 12 weeks.
We use the revolutionary new SmoothShapes® tool to provide fast, effective, and long-lasting cellulite reduction treatment. This innovative system uses a multi-process approach to reduce the appearance of cellulite and subcutaneous fat.By combining safe, medical-grade light and laser energy with mechanical manipulation through deep massage and vacuum, the cellulite is gently broken down, providing you with smoother skin with less cellulite.
Benefit of Medical Weight Loss
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Your actual weight loss will be determined by many factors, including, but not limited to: your medical circumstances, the plan you choose, adherence to the meal plan and use of nutritional supplements. Your goal and program duration information will be given to you in writing at the time of enrollment.

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Medical weight loss is not typically covered by medical insurance, so we offer several payments options. We also accept CareCredit® for financing.
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