SmartGraft Hair Restoration

hair restoration

  • Is hair loss, premature balding, or thinning hair adding years to your appearance?
  • Want to enjoy fuller, thicker, more youthful-looking hair?
  • Tired of trying costly creams, thickening sprays, or even toupees?

Our hair transplant procedure (SmartGraft), could be the answer for you!

Here at Southern Vein & Laser Center, we know that a healthy, full head of hair can not only help our patients look younger, it can help them feel younger too. That’s why we offer the innovative, minimally-invasive hair transplant procedure (SmartGraft) for both men and women that delivers an industry-leading 92-98% success rate.

SmartGraft is ideally suited for active patients wanting to improve the look and feel of their natural hair without undergoing an invasive surgical hair transplantation procedure. Because of the unique location of the donor site, patients who wear their hair short and/or engage in an active lifestyle will appreciate the aesthetic advantages that this innovative approach to hair loss management offers.

How SmartGraft Works

This unique hair transplant procedure (SmartGraft), involves the gentle extraction of individual follicular units from the back of the patient’s’ scalp using a tiny suction-assisted rotating surgical punch. Once extracted, these grafts are immediately placed into a unique temperature-controlled environment where they are kept moist and robust with intermittent saline washes.

The hair follicles will then be relocated to areas of the scalp where required, with special attention placed on the correct angle, depth, density and direction of the hair to achieve natural-looking results that mimic the patient’s’ natural hair growth and pattern.

What To Expect During SmartGraft Hair Transplant Treatments

During the extraction and grafting process, most patients experience little to no discomfort, and mild oral sedation is available upon request. Depending on the extent of the thinning/hair loss and the patient’s desired outcome, the entire hair transplant procedure can take several hours, so patients are advised to wear comfortable clothing and plan on being at our clinic for the whole day.

Unlike other types of hair transplantation known as ‘strip procedures’ with the SmartGraft system, there is no visible scar, and patients are generally able to resume normal activities within 48 hours.

To learn more about how you can enjoy vibrant, more youthful hair with a minimally-invasive, non-surgical hair transplant procedure (SmartGraft) here at Southern Vein & Laser Center, call or contact us at 844-777-7546 to schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our SmartGraft specialists.

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