Non-Surgical Laser Spider Vein Removal

Do you suffer from embarrassing leg veins? Has the appearance of fine blue veins along your thighs and calves made you feel uncomfortable wearing bathing suits, shorts, or skirts? Thanks to our revolutionary non-surgical laser spider vein removal therapy here at Southern Vein & Laser Center, you can enjoy the confidence that comes with having smooth, beautiful skin.

How Do Laser Spider Vein Removal Treatments Work?

By treating your affected areas with powerful, targeted laser light beams emitted from our cutting-edge Icon Aesthetic System from Cynosure, blood flow to the problem veins and blood vessels is gradually restricted and re-routed to other veins. As a result, your spider veins will slowly become less noticeable, leaving you with smooth skin that is free from discoloration caused by spider veins.

What to Expect During Spider Vein Laser Treatments

Depending on the size of the area affected, most laser spider vein removal treatments take 30 minutes or less. In most cases, multiple treatments are needed to achieve optimal results. The majority of our patients who have their spider veins removed using our Cynosure Icon Laser system find the treatments to be comfortable and pain-free, however, those who do experience side effects like redness and a warm sensation report that these feelings quickly disappear.
To learn more about how you can enjoy beautiful, smooth legs through our laser spider vein removal treatments here at Southern Vein & Laser, contact us today to schedule your free consultation at our convenient Atlanta locations on Hammond Drive and in Duluth, or at our Valdosta location.

Laser spider vein removal offered at Southern Vein and Laser Center

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